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Rapido Sydney Solar Power
24 April 2014 | Use the contact form to request a free professional evaluation of your solar project & make an informed decision

Welcome to Rapido Sydney Solar Power

Rapido Sydney Solar is made up of technical professionals who know the solar industry through years of experience within it. We offer a free service to Corporate, Commercial, or Government entities wishing to investigate how solar power can impact them, reduce their carbon footprint, provide free, zero emmission energy, and of course, save a lot of money, hopefully. Please use our contact form to have an experienced photovoltaic engineer assess your existing information, including likely yield, rate of return based on that yield and equipment configuration etc. We use best practice techniques and sophisticated equipment to give you detailed information to assist in understanding the options, a reliable and valuable resource.

Solar for Mines, solar diesel hybrid, PPA's, Utility Scale & Large scale solar

As we move toward the PPA model in supplying large scale, utility scale, mini grid & off-grid solar hybrid systems for mines, & other high energy industrial consumers, the solar industry has found a potential new lease of life which is not dependant on RET or any schemes. However, most Australian companies simply don't have the necessary experience to cope with the scale & more complex logistics & engineering of these larger projects. That's why the entrance of large entities with expertise in this area is a great development, they are capable of doing the work, & getting it done far faster, & in the process will invariably share knowledge with local companies.

However, one of the very best in the business is a homegrown outfit, Bluestream Energy is an Australian company which specialises in large scale solar, PPA's, and especially off-grid solar for industrial users, & solar hybrid systems for mines. Bringing together the worlds leading international renewables financiers and solar power EPC's, they are ideally positioned to help industrial clients reduce power associated operational costs by 30 - 40%. By putting together the necessary capabilities of proven expertise in delivering large scale off grid solar power projects & hybrid solar for mines in Australia & by making low rate finance available from high quality, blue chip entities, Bluestream Energy have come up with the holy grail of large scale solar power PPA delivery.

For any industry where energy supply security is paramount, and where energy costs need to be reduced, we recommend Bluestream Energy, who will complete professional, engineered assesments per facility & develop a business case weighted on hard numbers. Bluestream Energy is a world leader in the supply of utility scale projects, and one of the few companies that manage projects scoped from 1MW right up to miltiple Giggawatt scale.

What's the name of the game in solar? Value!

Jan 2013 - Whatever the peak power of your intended system, whether your looking to power your home, or commercial premises - value is the most important factor in determining which system you buy and who you buy it from.

Quality & value are interconnected

Jan 2013 - Value does not mean cheap, rather, for a solar power system to achieve what it should, you need to include a number of virtues in equal measure to ensure you are considering a system that can truly provide value. Quality is the most important element to ensure maximum up-time and uninterrupted operation. Quality means the equipment has been manufactured in a high-tech facility, with exhaustive quality control & testing. This is how solar panel & inverter manufacturers improve their products, stay at the forefront of innovation & relevance, & most importantly, this is how they can be certain they are making world leading equipment that under normal & even extreme circumstances, will outperform the vast majority of other equipment available. A higher, consistent yield over 30 or 40 years will add up, ususally to more than you might have saved on inferior equipment which may or not work, & is more likely to deteriorate at an increased pace over time.

Complete Solar Solutions

Jan 2013 - With years of industry experience, we know which equipment allows us to maximise the value in your solar electric system, and we want to evaluate your property, designa system according to your needs and present a complrehensive proposal for your consideration. Please make an enquiry through our contact form.

What Do We Do

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Australian Solar Information
We conduct site assessments for commercial solar, evaluating system payback & ROI, based on system choice and using approved methods to assist in your feasability analysis
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Review quality Solar Manufacturers
The choice of solar product manufacturers keeps growing, but apples are not apples in this case. Becoming familiar with quality solar component brands with a proven track record in materials, system efficiency and longevity is key research More »

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Equip the solar customer
Site evaluation tools & glossary of solar terminology
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