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Commercial Solar Power in Australia
Let us provide metrics based on specific solar components, Australian latitude & insolation, using exact data to assist in your pheasablity phase.

Sydney Commercial Solar

We offer consultancy services for companies and individuals wishing to assess the likely benefit of commercial solar power for their business premises. Having worked with the leading solar power companies in Australia, we are in a position to offer a full, comprehensive assessment for solar power, and to ensure you find the right equipment and the highest quality solar installation team for the best price. It is imperative to use quality equipment and an experienced professional installation company. We will ensure your commercial solar power system is properly engineered, to produce free energy for decades to come after the shortest possible payback period.

Verify your quote, or request one from us

We are available to assess the quote you have already received, verify the projected solar power production based on-site with a site evaluation, and give you candid and accurate information so that you are in position to make an informed decision. We are also happy to obtain alternative proposals where we feel you can get a better offer.

We are committed to standards of excellence, and our primary interest is to ensure the continued progress of solar power in Australia through assisting the highest quality, best value commercial solar power installations, from 20kW to 10MW, we have had involvement with some of the most prestigious, and largest solar power installations in Sydney and across Austrlia.

Mid-Large scale Solar projects increasing

Jan 2013 - We are witnessing the start of a shift from expensive unreliable grid power, to a diffused, local, renewable electrical supply. With grid electrical rates continuing to generally increase, even large commercial entities with favourable rates are looking ahead and evaluating their solar options, preparing to invest and learning about the best way to implement solar power at their factories, offices and wharhouses. For the majority of residential & small to medium size businesses, the numbers already stack up in favour of going solar as soon as possible. Click through to our contact/enquiry page and request site assessment or more information. We are happy to evaluate your premises with a view to designing & installing solar power for your residential or commercial property, clearly outlining cost and benefit and giving you the information you need.

Evolving Commercial Solar landscape

June 2012 - The recent Shock announcement that Schott AG, a long time solar power manufacturing leader is leaving the solar photovoltaic manufacturing industry exemplifies the need to research and select the right company to install commercial solar power systems. Schott AG has announced they will honour warranties, however, I would rather be doing business with a company that is remaining in the industry as a key player. Over the last six months Schott had also announced new lines of solar modules, efficient cells that would squeeze more solar juice out of less space, and thinner in probably every component, hence cheaper. It's reasonable to assume that this was to reduce costs as much as possible in order to compete with ascending Chinese manufacturers.

Chinese Solar

As with most industries, China is a major center of the solar industry, in the last 10 years China has caught up on the more established US and European solar manufacturers in terms of volume and capacity, and in many cases, quality.

Changing Solar Cells & Manufacturing Industry

Suntech exemplifies the concept of quantity of scale as a means to produce high quality products at lower cost. The sheer volume of production from Suntech means that the cost per cell is an evolving number for everyone in the industry. Arguably this is the single most important factore that created the situatiuon where Schott Solar, in the business since 1958, decided to close it's doors a few weeks ago. Forecasts are difficult to imagine, costs and profit are impossible to envisage in the solar where the cost of silicon cells can fluctuate by 30% in a matter of weeks or days. Trimming the fat was evidently not enough to make Schott solar a viable business, how many more will follow and when?

Quality Chinese Solar Brands

Trina Solar & Suntech Power are now recognised as industry leaders, producing high quality products and testing exhaustivley as part of the manufacturing & quality control. I would contend that while establ;ished European and American manufacturers scramble to redefine themselves as 'value' brands, Trina Solar & Suntech Power are going in the opposite direction, reliable 'value' brands that are redefined as 'premium' brands, that can deliver at a lower cost then a traditional 'premium' brand. In a market that recognises 'value' as the most important component of commercial solar, they are in an enviable position. Note: System reliablity and longevity are integral factors in determining 'value' in the solar market. There is a distinction between low cost, and value. The optimum solar power system will be low to moderate cost, high efficiency, reliable output and likely to run without issue for 30 years or more.

Commercial Solar

Nov 2011 - Sydney, the rest of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory are about to be ecplipsed by the ACT & Western Australia in the uptake of commercial solar, or better, utility scale solar power, as we see commercial and utility-scale renewable energy begin to really take off in Australia.

Utility scale renewable power

We are getting up to speed at an astonishing rate, why? Well, because the numbers add up. I'd like to think there was a more egalitarian reason behind this rapid rise of renewable power - but there isn't.

No, the real reason solar power is being taken up & rolled out like never before is that cold, hard, calculating, pragmatic investors, business analysts and thousands of mums and dads, month in, month out. are catching on to the fact that the numbers are now stacked in favour of solar power.

It's going to get worse before it gets better

Ipart says prices are set to have risen by around 63% in the short term leading up to 2013. That doesn't surprise or annoy anyone who thinks there should be a price on carbon. But energy generated through the buring of fossil fuels will continue to get more & more expensive. Those companies and individuals who buy their renewable solar power now, will be all that much better off for having been 'early adopters'.

Saving ten's of thousand, or perhaps hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars each year, for the life of their system. Saving more, and more, with each and every rate rise. For 30+ years where the equipment is up to the task.

What Do We Do

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Australian Solar Information
We conduct site assessments for commercial solar, evaluating system payback & ROI, based on system choice and using approved methods to assist in your feasability analysis
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Review quality Solar Manufacturers
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Equip the solar customer
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