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Commercial Solar Power in Australia
Let us provide metrics based on specific solar components, Australian latitude & insolation, using exact data to assist in your pheasablity phase.

Best Solar Quotes

We are available to evaluate your exisiting quote for residential solar power, and we can also arrange a better quote where appropriate. We only recommend high quality equipment and installation companies. Having been active in the Australian solar power industry for many years, we know the best, most experienced people in the industry who can do a better job, and give you real value. We are happy to assist you in evaluating your options for free. Please use the contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Australian Residential Solar

Solar power is being bought and installed alll over Australia. Residential Solar is booming, despite peaks & troughs, controversy and headlines, the curve is upward, and the future is bright for those who have power streaming back into their homes, or back into the grid (depending on location and arrangement).

Different REC Zones, Peak Sunshine

There are different 'default' arrangements for Australian residential solar power, depending on where you live. There are different incentives, recognised peak-sun hours and installation configurations. You need to do as much research as possible, and get several quotes. One of the best ways to understand what is available is to try at least several companies for a quote.

Quality or quantity

There are many variables in solar power, some of which are explained on this website. There are rules of thumb and myths, some of which I'll try to clear up to make it considerably easier to find the right solar equipment and deal with the right company.

What Do We Do

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Australian Solar Information
We conduct site assessments for commercial solar, evaluating system payback & ROI, based on system choice and using approved methods to assist in your feasability analysis

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Review quality Solar Manufacturers
The choice of solar product manufacturers keeps growing, but apples are not apples in this case. Becoming familiar with quality solar component brands with a proven track record in materials, system efficiency and longevity is key research More

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Equip the solar customer
Site evaluation tools & glossary of solar terminology