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Quality Solar Brands
In our view, it is essential to depend on quality solar brands to secure a reliable return on your investment

Quality Solar Brands

Being in the solar industy we know which solar panel and inverter brands have earned their reputation through reliable, consistent long-term performance. This information is intended to assist those seeking to purchase quality solar equipment, please use our contact page to make a purchase enquiry.

In our view it is essential to work with high quality, dependable solar equipment. Your system should be capable of consistent operation for 30 years or more to give you maximum return on investment and maximum benefit to the environment.

What Do We Do

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SMA Inverters

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SMA is the largest manufacturer of quality inverters globally, with 2 decades of experience, and production of 12.89TWh of green power from 78,622 plants! *at time of publication.

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Suntech Solar

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Suntech are a leading Chinese solar company. With a major international presence, they are leading brand in the commercial space. Don't buy solar without researching Suntech products.

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Trina Solar

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Trina Solar is leading tier one manufacturer, producing top quality solar panels at a controlled price point that provides unbeatable value and reliable yield.

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Canadian Solar

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Canadian Solar manufactures robust, high quality modules for a value focused price-point. They are one of the biggest worldwide manufacturers for good reason: Proven reliablity.

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Q Cells

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Q-Cells are a driven, innovative manufacturer of high quality solar modules. They are gaining an increasingly important international presence and have a big future.

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Sharp Solar

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Sharp has been involved in PV since 1959, has contributed more than 2.5GW of solar modules, and is rightfully considered a top tier international solar manufacturing company.

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